Sunday, August 12, 2018

A light heartted wedding story

Last year My Wife and I attended the wedding for one of our nephews.  It was a nice event and the location was in north western Washington state, so there was a nice green backdrop from all of the evergreen trees located there.  The church was not in the middle of a big city which gave it a nice personal feel to the event.

The wedding proceeded very nicely, with a good turn out for the grooms family.  The brides family had a very large gathering as well.  For my Japanese mother-in-law, she got to see a more traditional western wedding with the bride in white.

After the wedding we all left the church and went to the side yard where they had the reception.  The meal was simple, the DJ played nice music, and after a while some of the friends of the groom and bride got out and danced.  This continued for about 45 minutes until it started getting to the winding down and the more traditional wedding ceremonies.
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The tossing of the bouquet is one that I will never forget.  My niece and her boyfriend were there and she reluctantly went out for the bouquet toss.  We all watched to see who would get it as the bride threw the bouquet.  The bouquet flew through the air and was going straight to my niece.  Straight to her as she proceeded to turn and run from the bouquet.  Of course for the guys watching all we could do was say sorry to her boyfriend, and later chide her about it.

That bouquet toss is definitely one that I will remember for a very long time.

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