Monday, April 2, 2018

When Opportunity Comes a Knocking

In the time that My Wife and I have been married, we have seen a variety of divorces.  One of the most interesting was a wife that claimed her husband had been keeping her from advancing herself.  After going their separate ways, she finished a degree that and put a proud post up about completing something her ex would not let her do.

While I admit to not knowing all the details, to me the post is part of the problem.  I know here in America more than any other place that opportunities are actually closed to people if they make too much.  Financial aid is no longer available and instead everything comes out of your own pocket.  This does not say that this is what happened.  Additionally, the post raises the question in my mind about how often did they talk about it.  Additionally just making a public post like that is spiteful.  Why not just highlight the good of look what I did.

When I was growing up my mom was a housewife until my brother and I started high school.  The two of us being the youngest got a fair amount of fending for ourselves because of being the youngest.  This big change was because my mom decided to get a part time job that later became a full time job and make some money on the side.  This was a decision that my dad and her talked about and so we were considered old enough and away she went.

My wife has been a corporate woman almost all her life after college.  After we had been married for 10 years she decided that she was tired of the extra traveling to and from work, the all too often that she had to work extra hours, and the many times trying to accomplish the last minute impossible task.  Taking all this into account she decided it was time for a career change and a change in lifestyle.  She stopped working and now is at home most all the time.  Along with that she still has a strong desire to work, but more on her own pace and schedule.  Because of that we have been pursuing other opportunities.  Some of which is blogging, and affiliate marketing.  Also been working on other opportunities.  I have been working with her because I respect her and love her, and I want to see here succeed.  I feel this is a strong part of our marriage.  Going back to one of the things that I firmly believe, which is that I think to many people forget that marriage is more like a team effort, and it takes both sides to succeed and last. 

PS The other articles written in Japanese are the opinions and thoughts of my wife.  Please feel free to read and check them out.

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