Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Prior Proper Planning...Yeah Right

Many guys all want to have that special evening that just makes your special someone go Wow!  I was planning on doing that for my wife's birthday a couple of years ago.

I had gone through looking for a nice locations close to Downtown where we could get out and enjoy our fine city.  I researched hotels and restaurants there in the area.  I had already narrowed down the restaurants to a few, so it pretty quickly turned into a restaurant and then finding the accommodations near by that would be a good finish.  My wife tends to like a mix of historic and also activities, so I settled on a nice relatively classic hotel that had been there for a while.  I checked the reviews and their website and everything looked like it would be a good evening.  Check in first, then go to dinner, and then later come back and have some drinks and then some room service.  Perfect.

The day of the event came and started out well.  We got there, checked in and was able to go enjoy the dinner.  The restaurant held up to it's reputation, and after enjoying that dinner, we came back, stopped by the bar for some drinks.  Then we decided to head up and checked about the room service. 

Hmm, I didn't think to check on this.  I just took it for granted that a hotel of this type would have room service, like it said on it's website.  When I called and found out that because their kitchen/restaurant was being remodeled that they were short staffed and didn't have room service, or the additional storage for the items that would be delivered.  After talking to the lobby I found the best choice was to go for a walk to a local grocery store and buy what I wanted there.

Now starts the walk of shame.  My wife being the kind wife that she is came along, and instead of us enjoying the evening with some wine delivered by room service, we were now walking a couple of blocks to a local grocery store to buy said wine so that we could take it back to enjoy it in our room.  Instead of waiting 10 - 15 minutes, we were now walking and shopping for almost an hour to get our wine.

Needless to say, when we got back the mood has soured a little and the wine wasn't as enjoyable as the wine we would have gotten from room service.  All this because I didn't think to check with a phone call to the hotel about a simple thing like room service.

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