Monday, February 19, 2018

If Only I had a Little More Money

By far the most viscous thing we have created in society is Money.  People work hard for it and others cheat and steal for it.  Once you have it everyone wants your money.

Growing up one of the things my father instilled in me is to take care of the family.  This involved getting a job and making enough to take care of my wife, and any kids we may have.  Then I married and moved into one of the more expensive areas.  Of course this only got worse as life's challenges came along such as home ownership, and high pressure salesmen.

My wife and I are fortunate that we are able to talk about money and we both are on the same page when it comes to money.  When we got married we decided that we would have a joint account and then either use credit cards or set up a small account on the side for the personal expenses like buying each other gifts.  We have gone through tight financial times and lucrative financial times.  Right now we are in a tighter time because of quality of life decisions we have made, but we'll get through it.

Often I hear some other couples talking about how when they get married there is no way they are going to combine the accounts.  This may sound like a good idea but it will only work so long as both are working and able to cover their part of the expenses.  I have also heard of couples that one member will set aside a little in a separate account based on the past history of the other.  Again, preparing to go their separate ways if the relationship doesn't work.  Sometimes the small account turns into a rainy day fund and may cover the tougher times, sometimes it really is an escape plan.

Remember that no matter how much you make, you'll figure out how to spend it and most likely be looking forward to getting more.  Budget and plan is the best way to make it last.  So if times throw tough financial situations, don't just give up, work through it together and you'll be stronger together. 

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