Thursday, February 15, 2018

Gotta love Overtime

After the military I got hired by a very good company.  While I greatly appreciate the opportunities and rewards it has given, I have come to appreciate overtime in moderation.

The department I was hired into was not a large profit department and because of that we are a very lean department, and we have been working to get more headcount in line with our workload ever since I got hired.  This is nice when I want some extra money because I could usually work the overtime to get it.  While getting paid for overtime is nice, there is still the problem that I have to work the overtime.

Also there came the eventuality of deadlines.  These more than anything else started to drive the overtime regardless of my energy or desire to do overtime.  Eventually leading to the problem that my wife was married more to our residence instead of to me.

When the overtime was moderate, and only happened a little bit during the year, we were good with that.  Eventually it expanded to where about a quarter of the year we were eating out close to my work so that I could have dinner with my wife.  Since I have been more practical with it, working to limit it to only a couple weekends, and a couple extra hours a day, but this is only as long as I can keep up with the deadlines and occasionally still requires the much longer days.

I bring this topic up because I know of two people at my work who have admitted that the overtime was a contributing factor to their marriage falling apart.  If your relationship is strong then your relationship will endure the longer hours, but the final question is how long.

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